What are the paper folding options?

• Bifold –the paper is folded in half creating two inside panels and two outside panels
• Trifold – to folds are made dividing the paper into three equally sized vertical panels
• Gate fold – a gatefold divides the paper into three vertical sections. The two outside sections are half the width of the middle section and meet in the middle
• Accordion or Z-fold – also known as an accordion fold, the paper is divided into three or four panels vertically. Although panels are the same with and are folded so if you look at the edge the fold looks like a Z.
• double panel fold – the paper is folded in half and then folded in half again creating two nested folds.
• parallel map fold – similar to the double panel fold the parallel map fold is first folded in half forming to panels and then each panel is folded in half but in opposite directions – one folds forward the other folds backward.
• French fold – also known as a right angle fold, or eight page fold. Two folds are made at right angles to each other dividing the paper and half both horizontal and vertical.

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